Indoor Blinds

Easy to operate, roller blind is the ultimate functional blind with more
than 200 fabric selection in our roller range, from modern to elastic mix of prints, also a wide selection of plains, whites and neutral shades.


The blinds fit within the frame of the window which keeps them in place when the window is open or closed. They’re easy to pull up and down and can be positioned at just the right level to allow the perfect amount of daylight in.

Blinds in Hoppers Crossing
Block the Light With Our Quality Useful Blinds in Hoppers Crossing

Control the amount of sunlight entering your home with our blinds in Hoppers Crossing. Our blinds will take care of intrusive light at a guaranteed best price. It is best to use shades to avoid prying eyes and control the natural feeling of a room. We also offer Australian standard security doors designed to ensure the safety of your home.

Related Services We Provide to Roller Blinds in Hoppers Crossing

Blinds are a unique tool to ensure privacy, control light, and control airflow in your home. There are many options to choose from, and because of this, you should take care when selecting any of our products. Here are some related services and products that we provide:

  • Roller blinds. We use durable fabrics in our roller blinds created to reduce the ultraviolet light, and they last an extremely long time. Choose from a variety of translucent, blackout, and sheer fabrics for a beautiful finish that won’t affect your décor. Our roller blinds are easy to control and operate for many years without the need for much maintenance.

  • Roman and more. We offer Roman blinds and more that include Venetian, Vertical, and Panel Glides. Our Roman blinds provide a classic and straightforward, yet stylish look to your home.

Roller Blinds

Roller blind fabrics are designed speci􀃶cally for strong sun and
damaging ultra violet light, making them extremely hardy and long
lasting. Our fabric collection incorporates a vast array of sheer,
translucent and blockout fabrics in both plain and textured finish.


A modern application of the automatic spring operated roller blind with a heavy duty spring mounted within the metal roller barrel and a high performance system to give easy control and years of trouble free operation with minimal maintenance.


Complete the look of your roller blind with a selection of attractive trims, including scallop, fringe or braid choose from cut-out or ring pull downs.


Allow you to combine the functionality of two different fabrics in the one roller blind system, offering 􀃸exibility to adjust both light levels and night time privacy in the application.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds enhances the style and design of your home
making it perfect for minimising glare and blocking out the sun,
while adding a simple yet effective look.


Classic roman shades-pocket concealed rods & stitching on the
reverse side of blind.


Plantation roman shades - arched battens across the face of
the blind to soften its appearance and provide a contemporary


Sewless roman shades - have pocketed panels but with no
stitching joins.

Venetian Blinds

TUSCANY has several features that provide competitive advantage over other PVC based systems sold by competitors in Australia. Tuscany has been specially developed to better handle typical Australian conditions, through its unique high temperature chemical formulation and co-extrusion production technology.  Rated at 55°C, Tuscany will outperform almost all other PVC products sold in Australia.


While Tuscany is a high quality product, like any plastic slat product, it can have some limitations in extreme conditions.  It is not recommended that very dark colours be installed into windows that receive full sun and where the temperature exceeds the Tuscany rating of 55°C.  Tuscany offers a contemporary color palette with some 50mm slat available in smooth and embossed and 63mm slat in smooth only.

Vertical Blinds

This product has been used by the biggest brands for years - now you can follow their lead. Developed by our team of talented designers and engineers, they are truly one-of-a-kind. With a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, you won’t be disappointed. And with our 100% guarantee, we’re confident that you’re making the right choice.

Panel Glides

For a touch of modern sophistication, panel glide blinds
offer a contemporary take on traditional window fashions
featuring sleek lines and minimalist design.

Panel glide blinds evoke understated elegance in any home.

Perfect for a large window, door or as a room divider,
panel glide blinds are crafted from 􀃸at fabric panels
attached to a simple head rail track system that uses
glider mounted carriers, making it light and easy to

When Buying Plantation Shutters in Hoppers Crossing Consider This

There are many other products that you could choose instead of shutters. You should keep in mind what you intend to use the shutters for or if you actually need them. Here is what you should consider before you buy blinds and shutters in Hoppers Crossing:

  • Style. Light is something that influences the natural feel of your home. Style comes with the choice of objects, furniture, and their colours. Choose a light-blocking option based on the style and usage that you intend for the room. Shutters might not suit an intimate setting, so instead choose curtains or modern Ziptrak® blinds.

  • Light. The amount of light you want to enter a particular area should influence whether shutters are the correct choice. Do you need a complete blackout? Do you need slight light entering at all times? Kitchens and living rooms are great areas for our plantation shutters.

  • Purpose or location. Where are you planning on using the shutters, and what are your plans for the room where you place the shutter?

Why Trust Doors Blinds & Shutters Regarding Roller Shutters in Hoppers Crossing

We have been in business since 2013 and offer quality Australian made products at the best prices. We are a local family business and take pride in providing a 15-year warranty for our roller shutters. They are a quality product that helps reduce the noise and light that comes from outside your home.

Contact us and get quality shutters and blinds at great prices.

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