Outdoor Blinds

Bring the outdoors in with the exclusive Doors Blinds &
Shutters outdoor alfresco solutions. ALFRESCO LIVING
makes your outdoors indoors with an Alfresco designed
patio blind for your home. The addition of outdoor blinds or
doors guarantees even more enjoyment all year round.
Invite your family and friends over and enjoy the extra
space and all year weather protection rain, hail or shine.
Every day is a perfect day with your very own outdoor
living area. You’ll never have to cancel a party aga

Awnings Hoppers Crossing
Enhance Your Property with Screen Doors and Awnings in Hoppers Crossing

Would you like to give your property a visual and functional boost with screen door, a set of patio blinds, or even some attractive canvas awnings in Hoppers Crossing? We have the window, door, and patio solutions you want to create a relaxing and stylish outdoor space.

Benefits of Screen Doors in Hoppers Crossing

Our screen doors are special security doors in Hoppers Crossing that allow you to enjoy a great view of the outdoors without worrying about your privacy or safety. Your door is the first line of defence when it comes to keeping your home secure, so consider these significant benefits of choosing one of our security doors.

  • Increased safety. The most obvious reason for getting security doors in Hoppers Crossing is to improve safety. These doors provide added protection for you, your family, and your property. Security screens can deter thieves and intruders, reducing the odds of your home being targeted and keeping it safer even if it is.

  • Enhanced privacy. Another benefit of security doors is that they help you maintain a greater level of privacy within your home. The angle and thickness of the mesh used in these doors make it more difficult for passers-by to see inside, similar to a two-way mirror. Furthermore, you get this privacy while still being able to enjoy a clear view of the outdoors.

  • Added value. If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to add value to your home, a security door is a great way to do it. Especially because you can get a security door custom made to blend beautifully with your home’s existing colour scheme and architectural design, it will also boost your kerb appeal, making it easier to sell.

Canvas Awnings

Stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter with the addition
of awnings installed to your home. The choice of either canvas, acrylic
or mesh materials they are an answer to all your requirements. An
extensive range of colours and designs make it a breeze to compliment
the decor of your home. A practical and stylish outdoor blind designed
to reduce the heat within the home

photo 4.JPG

Patio Blinds

Protection from the elements can be achieved with the installation
of quality patio blinds. Available in a wide range of colours that can
only enhance your outdoor setting the choice of sidewinder
operation for ease of control is a valuable addition and provide for
years of hassle free use.

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Signs You Should Invest in New Security Doors in Hoppers Crossing

Your security door will only protect your home if it is working properly. If you have had yours for a while and it’s starting to show signs of wear, it may be time to replace it. Here are a few signs that you should. 


  • The door won’t latch. If your door does not latch properly, it may be misaligned because of poor installation or your house settling. Have a professional assess the situation and, if needed, install a new door. 

  • You see rust or corrosion. If you notice that your old security door is rusting or has peeling paint or any discolouration, it may not be as stable or secure anymore and require replacement. 

  • The door is broken. If for any reason, your door becomes visibly or clearly broken and does not function properly, it’s time for a new door. Delaying could put your family or property at risk. 

About Doors Blinds and Shutters in Hoppers Crossing

For nearly ten years, Doors Blinds & Shutters has been providing the Hoppers Crossing area with security doors, awnings, patio blinds, and many other indoor and outdoor solutions. Create a space for relaxing or entertaining that offers the privacy and comfort you want with our products. Contact us today to discuss your project.