Plantation Shutters


An iconic choice with renowned durability, strength and simplicity. Resists peeling, cracking, chipping and yellowing. No wonder it’s No.1 among the world’s homeowners. Now with a next-generation formulation utilising 30% more wood in Woodlore’s premium engineered wood composite core – real wood in an advanced state – Woodlore is ever more stable and robust, and stronger than solid wood shutters, free from any of wood’s naturally occurring imperfections and has higher resistance to heat damage such as warping, sagging and cupping compared to PVC or vinyl shutters. It is also a big on safety, VOC safe and CARB P2 complaint for off-gassing.

Woodlore features an exclusive patented medical-grade safe polypropylene coating with a UV inhibitor. Smooth, durable and robust, the coating provides extra protection against the knocks and bumps of today’s busy family lifestyles and resists fading and yellowing under the harsh Australian sun.

  • The World’s best-selling shutter

  • Made from an eco-friendly Engineered Wood Composite (EWC) core coated with a medical grade polypropylene, providing the perfect finish for good looks, durability and water resistance

  • Environmentally safe and exceeds the most stringent international safety standards (VOC safe and CARB P2 complaint for off-gassing)

  • Unbeatable value, our most affordable program

  • Featuring the invisible Easy Tilt louvre drive option

  • Choice of 9 contemporary white and earthy colours

  • Available in 5 louvre sizes, 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm



  • 100% hardwood panels using premium quality timbers from qualified sustainable sources. Mounting frames are made from Woodlore Plus’s robust EWC material finished with a paintable extrusion polymer coating. The panels and frames are perfectly colour matched with the same high quality paint finishes applied to the Norman premium timber shutter ranges. This program combination provides a seamless shutter solution providing consumers with an affordable high quality painted timber shutter with great looks, expansive panels (up to 1066mm wide) and durable performance.

  • The use of specialised premium hardwood makes the shutter panels lighter allowing the ability to hinge 3 or 4 panels together and the ability to make special shapes. Brightwood, combining beauty with functionality, all wrapped up in our entry-level hardwood shutter range.

  • Creating affordability by blending premium hardwood panels with EWC frames

  • Wider panel specifications (1066mm), and more layout configurations achievable

  • Choice of 27 colours plus custom colour option

  • Featuring the invisible Easy Tilt drive option

  • Available in 5 louvre sizes, 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm

  • Can be used as a door option

  • Now available in special shapes



  • Sophisticated and unique, take up residence with Normandy shutters, displaying wood’s unique natural beauty and luxury. Normandy is made from solid timber sourced from sustainably managed hardwood forests and plantations. Normandy stained shutters are made from Phoenixwood, which offers a rich natural gran showing both depth and character. Phoenixwood also offers one of the highest strength to weight ratios among all types of wood and non-wood shutters. All Normandy hardwoods are prescription wood conditioned for long term stability in service. There is nothing quite like the natural elegance of Normandy premium hardwood shutters.

  • 100% premium hardwood shutter, luxurious timber grain and durable

  • Sustainably sourced from well managed hardwood forests and tree plantations

  • Available in 51 stunning paint and stain colours plus custom colour options

  • Multiple hand sanding and finishing for the finest crafted furniture finish

  • Wider panel options (1095mm) to create more open views and installation options

  • Utilizes wood’s natural elegance, excellent strength to weight ratio and insulation properties

  • Featuring the invisible Easy Tilt drive option

  • Available in 5 louvre sizes, 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm

  • Wide range of special shapes and options available


Woodlore - Waterproof

  • 100% made from lightweight and hardwearing ABS

  • Fully waterproof panels and frames suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries

  • Stainless steel hardware which won’t rust or corrode

  • Same great look and features as Woodlore Plus

  • Featuring the invisible Easy Tilt drive option

  • Perfect for busy family lifestyles where knocks and bumps are likely to occur

  • Wide choice of 26 solid colours

  • Available in 5 louvre sizes, 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm

Designed specifically for wet areas around the home, Woodlore Plus Waterproof remains amazingly lightweight and achieves the perfect balance between beauty, strength and durability. Also, if you have specific windows that you like to keep open for ventilation 24/7 this program will endure the unexpected shower of rain or constant moist sea breeze.


Fusion PLUS shutters are made from a waterproof reinforced polymer extrusion, making them ideal for wet areas too. Modelled on universal beams used in construction and civil engineering, the H shaped aluminium insert provides increased strength and performance in shutter louvres.


Panels are manufactured with mortise and tenon joints that are glued and screwed for high strength so they won’t crack over time. Backed by a limited Lifetime Warranty, Fusion PLUS shutters are the most durable on the market and the best performing shutter available today.

Available in special shapes, hinged, fixed, sliding and bifold layouts, Fusion PLUS comes in seven colours to compliment the Dulux popular Whites, with a range of framing options to customise to your requirements.

  • UV Resistant

  • Fire Retardant

  • Anti-bacterial

  • Termite-resistant

  • Moisture and humidity resistant

  • Rails are glued and screwed using high strength mortise and tenon joints

  • Stiles are co-extruded with square aluminium inserts for maximum strength

  • Louvres are co-extruded with H shaped aluminium insert to prevent sagging

  • High strength frame brackets provide for added support with installation

  • Wider panel options than many other polymer shutters in the market

  • Insulates 70% better than any wood shutter and provides for low maintenance

  • Engineered poly material is water resistant; ideal for wet areas

  • Protected by a high UV inhibitor to ensure maximum durability

  • 7 x standard colours designed to compliment the most popular Dulux whites

  • Will not rot, absorb moisture, delaminate, split, crack or promote mold

  • High quality low VOC water borne paint is machine applied pre-assembly for a consistent finish

  • Pre-paint finish provides flexibility in installation – no risk of cracking paint finish between joints

  • Strongest warranty in the industry; a lifetime guarantee the extrusion won’t crack, sag, warp or split

  • Manufactured by one of the largest poly factories worldwide, established in 1969

Fusion Plus Shutters