Retractable Flyscreen


A New Concept In Pleated Screen Capability

SqualoNet delivers uninterrupted views by utilising its very own innovative patented system

Strikingly simple SqualoNet offers unparalleled performance by blocking even the smallest insects and flies. SqualoNet’s slimline design allows an unobtrusive screen and track, perfect for your homes largest opening.

Squalo Net
Retractable Flyscreens


SqualoNet is made from a wonderfully soft water repellent polyester mesh.

  • With this new unique patented design SqualoNet allows you to easily slide the Pleated screen open or closed and it will stop wherever you desire.

  • Unlike Spring-loaded retractable screens SqualoNet has no Roll and moves across your opening with ease.

  • The Pleated SqualoNet comes in many forms including one-way draw and centre opening, and can even be used in a window!


SqualoNet uses a slimline tracking system that fits seamlessly into any opening

The narrow 22mm wide frames allow an unobtrusive look and feel while the 4mm and 8mm bottom tracks create an almost unnoticeable fit in your opening.

The SqualoNet Fabric uses IdroScreen™ Technology making it the first water and dust repellent polyester screen mesh on the Australian market.

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