Security & Screen Doors

Clearview Security

Clearview systems have been put to the test to pass all Australian standards. These tests are designed to simulate an intense attack using force to gain entry through your security screen door


• Passed Dynamic Impact Test
• Passed Jemmy Test
• Passed Shear Test
• Passed Knife Test
• Rust Proof!!!!


No longer do you need to look thru bars or similar obstructions that spoil your view. Take advantage our superior mesh protection and enjoy the best in security screens. The anti corrosive mesh is provided with a UV protected coating using advanced coating processes to ensure clear, long lasting look.

security door
diamond grille doors

Sentinel & Premier designs

Finding the right balance between appearance and performance is not always easy. Doors, Blinds & Shutters wide range of designs and proven quality ensure security requirements for any home can be met.


All products are custom made to enhance the design of your home.


All Diamond Grille Doors are available with the option of Hinged & Sliding doors and are available with a number of different screenings, ideal if added privacy is required. One Way Mesh allows you to see out through your door at the same time as reducing the visibility into your house from the outside.

Security Doors Werribee
We Manufacture and Install Security Doors in Werribee

Doors Blinds & Shutters install security doors in Werribee. We manufacture all our designs to be decorative while providing the security you require.

What Makes Doors Blinds & Shutters A Reputable Service?

We offer smart investments if you want to secure your belongings while adding value to your home. We have extensive experience in the industry and as a family-owned and operated business offering quality Australian made products at a guaranteed best price. These are some benefits of security doors for those in Werribee and elsewhere:

  • Security doors provide you security in that they are sturdy and reliable. Our security doors are usually made of iron or steel and come with a heavy-duty lock.

  • Security doors help you to protect your home from intruders. Having even one such door installed will give the impression that your home is well secured, therefore, at lower risk of break-ins.

  • Security doors also add value to your house. Besides adding security, you can save on your home insurance, and your premium will be lower, the more security you install. When you sell your house, potential buyers will consider your security doors an asset, adding to the attraction of your home, by giving the new owners peace of mind from the start. The idea is to install a door that matches the house and is not only functional but attractive.

Custom Glass Doors

Add a touch of class with our Custom Glass barrier screen door. An elegant
showpiece addition to your home whilst providing an excellent barrier
between you and any unwanted guests. Available in a wide range of
designs to suit the decor of your home.

What is Custom glass?
Custom Glass is a glass that has been toughened to be used in our range of

Do you want a screen door that enhances your home?
A custom glass door on your home is an attractive addition to the entrance and looks equally
attractive whether you are viewing from indoors or out.

Colour & Style to Suit
There is an extensive range of styles and colours available to complement your home and individuality

custom glass door

Colonial Castings

Classically designed yet strong, durable and light are just a few of the qualities that describes the stunning range of garden furniture and other cast aluminium products available at Colonial Castings.

While most homeowners make sure to decorate their indoors as best as they can, it’s also important to focus on the outdoor decor. Colonial Castings brings you a distinct collection of patio furniture, garden furniture, decorative lights and carport columns meticulously designed for your outdoor spaces.

These cast aluminium products are available in a number of styles and price range options. All you have to do is check out the product list and pick the best items for you. We strive to deliver your flawless products for your needs so that you can create an outdoor environment to achieve a sense of personal style, comfort, freedom and relaxation.

Click Here For Design Range.

colonial castings

Restrictaview Security

Restrictaview systems have been put to the test to pass all Australian standards. These tests are designed to simulate an intense attack using force to gain entry through your security screen door

• Passed Dynamic Impact Test
• Passed Jemmy Test
• Passed Shear Test
• Passed Knife Test
• Rust Proof!!!!

This Door has the same qualities as the Clearview security door but providing you with the restriction of people being able to see through.

Related Services We Provide to Outdoor Blinds in Werribee

Besides security doors, we also offer our clients in Melbourne outdoor blinds. We can provide both outdoor or indoor blinds, and roller shutters in Caroline Springs and surrounds.

  • Outdoor blinds, such as patio blinds, are typically made from a variety of fabrics that are weather resistant. Awnings help to cool down your home by blocking out the baking sun, and patio blinds make your patio pleasant and inviting, by blocking out the wind or rain.

  • Roller shutters add to the security of your home. Such shutters can be motorised, making them easy to operate. Alternatively, you can install roller shutters that need manual operating.

  • Unlike the other blinds and shutters mentioned above, we also manufacture and install indoor blinds. These blinds aren’t only functional in reducing light and offering privacy; they are also decorative. The type of indoor blinds we work with are roller blinds, roman blinds, venetian blinds, vertical blinds and panel glides.

About Doors Blinds & Shutters

We founded our family business in 2013. We operate in the Hoppers Crossing area and service the region between Melbourne and Geelong, as well as Victoria.

  • What makes us a prominent company is that we install quality security doors, screens, as well as various types of blinds. We offer a wide range of window-dressing solutions both for your indoor and outdoor living areas.

  • We will also offer you the best solution for your needs. Also, with a wide selection of fabric, we can customise the blind to your décor, thereby enhancing the appearance of your home. Our focus on service sets us apart from our competitors, and our focus is on quality Australian-made products that meet our climate needs.

  • Also, our products come with an extended guarantee. Our security doors have a 10-year warranty, while we guarantee our roller shutters for 15-years.

If you’re looking for security doors to add to your peace of mind, don’t forget that we also offer other services such as blinds and shutters − all quality products to enhance your home. Contact us and let us assist you in making your home more accommodating of your needs while beautifying it and adding to your security.